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All About us!

   HairPhix was an idea that came about at the beginning of 2015, starting with the need for a bigger place and the words "just do it!" What was a little store front in a shopping center laid ground for what is now HairPhix...We brought our amazing clients along and gained many more! Thank you to all who have followed us and have maintained your business with us, we love you! And to those who may be new to the area or just new to us, welcome we hope to serve you for many years to come!


HairPhix is now located in the heart of downtown Fort Morgan and it has been an amazing change of scenery! We now have four booths that are currently filled with an extremely passionate and talented team who strive to stay on the forefront of trending styles and techniques. Thank you for all your business Fort Morgan!

Image by Levi Guzman

HairPhix Salon hit the ground running in September 2015 and have found that what sets us a part from the rest is the relationship we have with our clients and the modern services that we have to offer.

Here at HairPhix Salon, we love to do hair..its as simple as that! Our vision is to create beautiful hair and make our clients feel appreciated and loved, while keeping ahead of the current trends. 

Our Vision

Our Story

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